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About MothFree® (formerly MothAway™) — since 1987
MothFree® is the best in moth prevention — there is no other product that provides so many herbs (14), so many pure 100% natural oils (7), in such large quantity (20 grams — nearly a full ounce in each bag).

MothFree® is also very carefully formulated. We use not just any cedar in our MothFree® formulation, but only Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) that grows east of the Mississippi.  All other forms of cedar, including Western red cedar which is a completely different botanical species, are not effective against moths.  You may find such careless formulations in other moth repellants on the market, but not in ours.  MothAway™'s active ingredients even include substances to repel grain moths, not just clothes moths.  Also effective against carpet beetles.  Each bag contains nearly a full ounce (about 20 grams) of fourteen different powerful herbs, activated by seven different natural oils.   NO OTHER HERBAL MOTH REPELLENT ON THE MARKET INCLUDES SO MUCH OF SO MANY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS — nothing else even comes close.

Also, unlike other products, MothFree® is made to order in small batches just before shipment and then vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.  Other products may have been lying around in sachets exposed to the atmosphere for months if not years.

These will work one season and then may be re-energized with our Liquid Energizer™ for INDEFINITE use. Try that with any other product.

Anyone who has had even one fine pair of wool pants, coat or sweater eaten by moths knows how depressing this can be.  Preservation experts recommend herbal rather than chemical agents to protect fine or collectible garments.

No home is immune from moths — even cedar lined closets can be ravaged — Get this odorless herbal moth repellant before it's too late!  Because of the lack of bad smell, can be used year round without causing headaches or cancer.

Includes three bags total per order — what a small investment for a potential lifetime of smell and cancer free moth repellent!

Once you get this you will wonder — how did I ever get along without it? because that is what my friends, family and I have been thinking since I discovered it.

Moths are pesky critters and cause damage year round, so there is no time like the present to solve this problem.

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