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Set of 3 MothFree® Bags.
Each item consists of three full MothFree® bags EACH weighing nearly a full ounce (about 20 grams)!

You will need 3 - 4 bags to protect an average sized (6 x 2 foot) closet, and 1 - 2 bags per drawer or cabinet area. $15.99

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1/2 oz. MothFree® Liquid Energizer™ (Made from 100% Pure Essential Oils — a 1/2 oz. bottle will reenergize many MothFree® bags for many years.)

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1/2 oz. MothFree® SPRAY Liquid Energizer™
(The same Liquid Energizer™ in a special custom atomizing spray bottle. May be used in conjunction with MothFree® bags, and as an additional stand-alone moth repellent in open areas and rooms, and near area rugs and wall tapestries.)

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Shipping, Handling and Packaging charges of $3.95 for each item (per set of 3 bags of MothFree® or bottle of Liquid Energizer™) and the overall cost of MothFree® pay for in part the cost of packaging materials such as the hand sewn MothFree® bags themselves and the custom blown glass vials with orifice reducers for precision administration of the Liquid Energizer™, and the fact that each order is hand weighed, measured and dispensed or mixed and then custom vacuum sealed in a rather expensive plastic tubular bag; a very lengthy and labor intensive process.
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