image Chemical Moth Balls
Mothballs have been around for years. They were what every mother used to keep the moths out of winter and summer clothes. The mothballs would be placed in a trunk to also keep the clothes deodorized. People used mothballs under their sofa cushions and in drawers and closets and under rugs. They were placed everywhere. Mothballs were the most inexpensive deodorizer to buy, so they were purchased in large quantities and used most frequently.

Now we find out that mothballs contain naphthalene or 1-4-dichlorobenzene, both of which are poisons if inhaled. Mothballs can cause nausea, vomiting and headache. Other signs of illness are shortness of breath, coughing and burning eyes. These chemicals are also documented carcinogens.

Most people use them today without realizing their side effects. Children that have glucose problems can become severely ill. Having clothing just removed from a storage trunk and put on can cause the naphthalene to enter through the skin.


image Herbal Alternatives
Herbal alternatives to chemical moth balls have been around for years. One of the first, was cedar, and cedar closets. But cedar alone, especially the wrong kind (MothFree® contains the RIGHT kind — Eastern red cedar), is ineffective against moth prevention. That is why MothFree® contains every herb known to man to repel moths — fourteen to be exact, PLUS no less than seven 100% natural oils use to activate and reenergize the herbs.

Nothing natural works better to repel moths.
image Quality Control
MothFree® is lovingly hand created by a certified herbologist to exacting standards, and then carefully vacuum sealed while still freshly energized, and shipped along quickly. Other herbal concoctions are mass assembled in factories and then left in packaging for months if not years before use, rendering them stale and ineffective.
image All Natural Ingredients
Everything about MothFree® speaks about Nature, and Nature's herbal remedies. The only plausible solution in today's toxic environment derives from the greenness of Mother Nature.

image More Information
Contact us for more information and news about MothFree®. You and your family deserve to be protected from dangerous chemicals, at the same time that you drive away the pesky critters that destroy your fine garments. Get MothFree® — and nothing else — before it's too late.